my girlfriend is a badass - the meet(i’ve been very into 원수연 and 魚喃キリコ lately. i really admire kiriko’s sensitivity to white space and her ability to create such minimalistic yet totally atmospheric art.)

Prada gets new mannequins. SoHo.


raphael: *looks directly into the camera like he’s on the office*


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Bikini Baby | Naomi Campbell by Patrick Demarchelier

A cute and stylish woman on the street just yelled “heyyyyyy cutie pie!!” at me as she passed me by. it was so sweet, why can’t this be the kind of catcalling girls get????


After a bit of contemplation, I cut a couple of inches off my hair yesterday. I feel like a new woman.

wow dreamiest hair!!

Backstage @ Giambattista Valli Fall 2013 Couture 


April 15, 2014 - Kim Kardashian on set of a photoshoot in Miami.

Me on my bike every day

so beautiful 
how did you and boy genius meet?

[longest story ever and i make this face >:( whenever i think about the fact that i will have to tell this long ass story at least a thousand more times in my life]

his mom’s family and my mom’s family have known each other back in tehran for something like five decades. so my mom n his mom go waaaayyyy back, but my mom didn’t see her for something like 40 years and forgot all about her lol. and then one day my mom’s sister, who lives in iran, called her and was like “remember that girl??? she’s all grown up now and has a son who is studying in new york and you’re the only person we know who lives in new york so it’s basically your responsibility to call him and bring him persian food”. (persian culture means that we all stick together like crazy and make each other food and create a supportive community wherever we go, even if that means feeding the child of a friend you haven’t seen in forty years). so my mom met up with him and he saw a picture of me and was very interested in meeting me and my mom knew i would like him so she introduced us and she was right i totally liked him i thought he was cute and weird so here we are ◕‿◕

original hot boy in crop top