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I can’t even walk into an american apparel since quitting my job without uncontrollably twitching and wanting to change the displays and the mannequin styling and irrationally hating the way everything looks OMG this is a disease I will carry for life


I haaate so much of the photography I see online / in art school, so much of it is white boys taking film photos of naked girls / girls flashing them / boys skating and honestly it’s so dull and just the male gaze being amplified and validated because it’s shot on 35mm. 

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Me and ooshoosh trying to cope with the earth shattering news that Hello Kitty is not a cat

This is the worst day of my life but I’m just gonna deny everything so…. Ya

The Row cashmere turtleneck $1,650.00

"A few years ago, I got a call on my cell phone from a twelve year old child from my village. He was calling me from a bus stop. He’d taken a bus into the city alone, and he was calling me to ask if I could help him find a way to go to school. Both of his parents had died of AIDS, and he had no money for tuition. I told him to stay where he was, and left work immediately to pick him up. At first I was very mad at him. He should not have travelled alone. But then I looked at him and I saw myself. I’d also been desperate to go to school after my father was killed, but we had no money. So even though I was suffering myself, I told him I would try to help him. My salary was not enough, so I tried many things to get the money. After work, I went to the landfill to hunt for recyclables. But after I paid to have them cleaned, there was no money left. Now I’m trying to make bricks. I have a small operation in the village to make bricks, and I sell them in the city. It doesn’t make much money, but it’s enough to pay tuition for the boy and three of his siblings.” (Kampala, Uganda)

Nolstagie Lê Phổ 1938

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